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Why Clinical Massage

There is no shortage of massage establishments and the nearest franchise is on every corner offering you run-of-the-mill massage. So, what’s the difference? In our medical state of the art clinic, atmosphere you will not find some of the typical associations people have with massage. There are no robes, no furry slippers, and sleepy music. You can expect your session to be focused, functional, and treatment targeted to get you back on your feet and/or to keep you going on our maintenance plan. Thousands of patients who visit us in our community are utilizing clinical massage to get them through an injury or to maximize physical health, mobility, and flexibility at any age. At Orthomed Massage Clinic, we only staff highly skilled therapists that are clinically trained to work with your health providers for injury treatment, injury prevention, and wellness self-care and maintenance. Each therapist has gone through rigorous training, meets state licensing requirements, meets safety requirements, and is required to maintain exceptional educational certification based on current evidence-based research.