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Clinical Massage

Session Lengths: 60 min – $99 | 75 min- $120 | 90 min: $135

 +$20 advanced therapist / +$30 expert therapist

At Orthomed we specialize in clinical massage therapy. Your session will be performed by a skilled and licensed massage therapist. As an outcome based therapy, your session will be treatment targeted and customized to exactly your needs. Clinical massage therapy addresses a variety of common ailments and conditions aimed to help you feel most comfortable. Your session will include a thorough assessment and may include several treatment modalities including cupping and instrument assisted manual therapy. The therapist will use deep friction technique to the clients comfort level to address muscle spasm, scar tissue, and muscle restriction. Your session outcome will focus on restoring full range of motion to your joints, improved posture, flexibility, reducing overall stiffness, and improved body awareness. Far from a luxury, clinical massage plays a crucial role in clinical recovery and maximizing physical wellness.

What are the benefits:

  • Blood Flow:  Blood flow is a necessary requirement for adequate healing to any site of injury or muscular restriction. Providing friction to a site of injury accelerates the body’s natural innate healing process. 


  • Pain Relief:  Pain management is always our goal. Friction and touch to the site of discomfort can interrupt pain signals, reduce swelling and impact the way the client perceives discomfort. 


  • Flexibility: Clients with reduced range of motion often have chronic build up of restriction over long periods of time. Range of motion and muscle friction can loosen the affected body parts and help restore improved movement. 


  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety: As a function of stress and anxiety we often hold our bodies in restricted holding patterns that impact our mobility. Allowing yourself to be present and attending to your body during massage treatment allows for learning new patterns that better support you. 


  • Anti- Aging Longevity: As the body ages, so does our flexibility, recovery time frame, and joint mobility impact our ability to stay as active as we would like doing the activities we love to do. Preventative care of regular clinical massage can allow for improved longevity.  
Massages make all the difference to tense muscles
clinical massage Therapy

Common conditions we treat

Low back pain is our most common ailment we see at Orthomed. Tight lower back muscles often create nagging discomfort. We look closely to see what other areas of the body are reinforcing the low back restriction as we work on loosening the tissue in the back. Clinical massage therapy is highly effective at reducing discomfort to the low back. It can be associated with inflammation, stress, anxiety, and trauma. Touch, friction, and blood flow to connective tissue often significantly improve pain response.

This condition is common and can be incredibly nagging and uncomfortable. It’s often characterized by a dull or sharp ache in the gluteal region that often gets worse with sitting or positional changes. Deep muscle friction massage specifically to the low back, gluteal area, and most specifically a muscle called the piriformis is highly effective on reducing the pressure on the sciatic nerve and resulting in pain relief.

Neck Pain can often come from repetitive movement and poor work environment ergonomics ie: computer use. It’s also a site that commonly holds tension with stress and anxiety. We see clients that experience neck pain from acute accidents to cervical disc herniations alike. Addressing the tight muscles associated with neck pain can result in reduced neck discomfort and improved posture.

Muscle restriction from spinal disc herniation is a common injury we see in our clients. This condition is often seen in clients with joint degeneration, overuse injury, aging ect. While we educate our clients that we do not treat specifically spinal dysfunction nor can we change joint degeneration, we can absolutely impact a client’s pain response by reducing the muscle tension surrounding a site of inflammation of disc space to assist with helping the body to expedite healing.

This is a very common condition with symptoms of jaw pain that are often associated with repetitive movement patterns, head and neck muscular restriction and facial restriction. Cross friction massage to these regions and improve jaw mobility and helps to reduce symptoms from overuse and jaw clenching.

Fibromyalgia is a common condition we see within our clinic. This condition often accompanies an overall chronic systemic inflammatory challenge within the body that often impacts muscular soreness and discomfort. Clinical massage therapy can be incredibly helpful to increase blood flow and reduce restriction and inflammation. We work slowly with the clients pain tolerance level to reduce discomfort and improve quality of life. 

Shoulder pain is a common complaint associated with rotator cuff injury. Many of our clients describe difficulty with range of motion of raising the arm above their head or reaching behind them. Pain is often focused at the front and back of the shoulder. Clients may complain of difficulty with sleep position. The shoulder complex is made up of several muscles that often become tight when there is inflammation. Deep tissue friction is very effective for this injury.

Our feet experience a lot of wear and tear as they work to carry our body. Pain in the underside of the foot and heel is a common complaint we work with. It is often accompanied with tight calves and hips that also need to be addressed to help reduce the strain on the foot tendon. Clients express they feel discomfort in their feet often when they wake up in the morning and with prolonged standing or walking.  Massage therapy is very effective to reduce tension on the plantar surface and relieve discomfort. 

Pain in the site of the elbow on the top of the forearm is a common injury we see where there is injury at the elbow attachment. Clients often complain of pain and discomfort with holding a heavy item and with wrist range of motion. Friction and massage to the forearm muscles help to relieve discomfort and helps to expedite healing around the injury.

Pain surrounding the inside region of the elbow is a common ailment we see that accompanies inflammation and tight muscle tension surrounding the forearm. Friction and massage to this area can help to relieve the strain on the attachment site and expedite healing.

The IT band runs on the outside of the top of the hip to the outside of the knee. Common physical complaints are outside knee discomfort and the outside area of the hip. Deep friction to this area can significantly improve symptoms to address this condition.

This is a general overall condition of pain syndrome often located in more than one region of the body. It can be associated with inflammation, stress, anxiety, and trauma. Touch, friction, and blood flow to connective tissue often significantly improve pain response. Working with the client’s tolerance level, massage therapy can greatly impact improved physical well being. 

Migraines are a common complaint we see with clients who often have muscular restrictions around the head and neck that can contribute to headache occurances. Clients often have a positive response to management of this condition with clinical massage.