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Owner / Founder
Expert Practitioner- Licensed Massage Therapist

Maryann Reid LMT is a licensed medical massage therapist with 20+ years working in the healthcare industry. She founded Orthomed Massage Clinic in 2008 and continues to operate at the Northborough location as an expert level licensed massage therapist. She brings multi decades of experience specializing in clinical treatment approached massage therapy to address orthopedic injury / chronic pain syndrome/ sports injury, structural assessment / integration, medical complexities, trauma, and oncology massage therapy. Her work in the community has produced remarkable results in her clients allowing them pain free freedom of movement and improved quality of life. Previous to Orthomed’s inception, Maryann spent several years working in several clinical environments including inpatient, outpatient, long term, and acute rehabilitation in her original career of Occupational Therapy. She brings her medical background experience to the work she loves – clinical massage therapy. Maryann is passionate about soft tissue muscle health and how it impacts physical wellness. As a natural pioneer, she feels deeply passionate about spreading awareness of the much needed missing piece in our conventional healthcare system that clinical massage therapy addresses. You will find her knowledgeable, personable, intuitive, and intense about her work. Her exceptional knowledge of anatomy and physiology, direct experience with medical complexities, and comprehensive approach really makes her skills truly unique and set apart from the industry.


Advanced Practitioner- Staff Licensed Massage Therapist

Marisol is a licensed massage therapist with over 10+ years experience working in the clinical massage therapy field specializing myofascial release technique. She is an Emerson graduate with a BA. As an advanced level practitioner she is passionate about helping others. With a gift of intuition, energetic disposition, she has and incredible way of honing in on problem solving with her client to get at the root causes of their pain or injury. She is dynamic, very communicative in client education, personable, assertive, and gets to work on tension. She has a strong area of expertise in pelvic floor work and trauma, and myofascial syndrome. She has a moderate to deep  approach that is direct, patient and cooperative. She has exceptional anatomy skills and her talent is by far shown in her work.


Staff Licensed Massage Therapist

Antonia is a licensed massage therapist with over 5+ years experience working in the massage therapy industry. Incredibly talented, she is a natural problem solver. She has done extensive training in clinical massage to learn treatment targeted massage therapy. Her touch style is strong and dynamic . Her  clients rave about her deep pressure approach to deep tissue work.  With high energy and genuine desire to help she is passionate about helping her clients. She works with athletes, injuries, back pain, and is driven to help you develop a treatment strategy to help you feel better in your body.


Staff Licensed Massage Therapist

Jessica is a licensed massage therapist with 8+ years experience working in massage therapy. She works with light to medium / moderate pressure in her sessions.  She specializes in manual lymphatic drainage., oncology, as well as clinical massage therapy. Her energy is calm and her sessions are quiet and relaxing. She has a great deal of compassion and desire to help people truly feel better in their body. She thrives in a clinical setting in working in a problem solving approach to a variety of physical ailments. 


Staff Licensed Massage Therapist

Catherine is a Licensed Massage Therapist and 2023 graduate of Spa Tech Institute. She is our newest addition to our team as a recent graduate and has deep dived into clinical massage therapy training and is thriving with her client outcomes. She is drawn to clinical work and sports injury. She herself is a competitive runner and authentically understands how to feel and perform your very best in your body. Her touch is light to moderate in depth and naturally intuitive in problem areas and excellent problem solver.  She’s warm, professional, and eager to help you with your treatment plan. 


Staff Licensed Massage Therapist

Ray is a seasoned licensed massage therapist with 8+ years experience working in massage therapy. His personality is upbeat, friendly, personable, and simply like-able. His energy immediately makes you feel comfortable upon meeting and works quickly with the needs of his client to be sure they get what they need. He has great range in depth and can do deep depth work as well as interchange in a lighter approach to relaxation.  His hands are naturally intuitive and he is able to quickly hone in on problem areas immediately to address areas of tension. Ray has an eagerness to help, great communication skills, and is truly passionate about helping people find relief from pain and the right treatment program. 

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