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Oncology Massage

Session Lengths: 60 min – $99  +$20 advanced therapist / +$30 expert therapist

Oncology Massage is performed by a skilled licensed massage therapist to treat pain syndrome associated with side effects and discomfort . Massage can be performed in any phase of cancer care. We can work with you during the active acute phase of cancer care or post cancer treatment survivor phase of care.

Benefits of oncology include improved quality of life, relaxation, improved sleep and improved overall immune function. Your session will be highly individualized to your customized needs with an emphasis on comfort to support you through your process. Research suggests oncology massage therapy is incredibly helpful to address many of the side effects associated with active cancer care treatment. After acute cancer care your massage therapy session will focus on addressing common chronic concerns like, pain management, stress / anxiety, lymphatic drainage, maximizing post radiation tissue flexibility, range of motion, and improving mobility and wellness.


What are the benefits:

  • Pain management: Pain is the most common side effect of cancer care. Evidence shows that oncology massage is incredibly effective in treating localized soft tissue or muscular discomfort often associated with cancer treatment and body inflammation.
  • Reduce fatigue: During active treatment, fatigue is most commonly reported. Oncology massage therapy improves blood pressure, reduces mental fatigue, and stimulates energy.
  • Decrease Inflammation and Swelling: Friction to the body through massage technique increases blood flow, moves lymph fluid and metabolic waste to reduce swelling and inflammation in the body.
  • Reduce Stress / Anxiety: Stress and anxiety is a common symptom our clients report when going through cancer care with worrying about treatment outcomes, or in the post cancer phase of long term side effects. Massage therapy helps to increase endorphins and mood when managing stress and anxiety.
  • Reduce Neuropathy Side Effects: Many clients receiving chemotherapy report symptoms of pain or numbness particularly in the hands or feet that often occur during or after treatment. Oncology massage is very effective at maximizing blood circulation that positively impacts nerve pain / discomfort.

Oncology services

We work within the local health network and specialize in working with clients in active treatment and post treatment phase of breast cancer care.  We often see clients with chronic pain syndrome post  surgical reconstruction, lumpectomy, mastectomy, implant removal and chronic radiation tissue restriction. We commonly treat muscular restriction, nerve pain, myofascial pain syndrome, neck and shoulder pain. 

Palliative massage is performed by a skilled massage therapist with a primary focus on reducing pain, maximizing comfort, improving well being, and healing. This session is gentle in its approach and customized to the clients specific needs. We will work to maximize comfort with needed modifications to maximize positional support and comfort in the treatment room. We only provide care on site within our clinic. 

Many of our clients arrive to us in post cancer treatment / survivor phase where often clients describe lingering pain syndromes and side effects, or new areas syndrome associated with previous treatments, i.e. lymph node removal, surgical interventions, scar tissue, radiation damage, and neuropathy. Oncology massage is highly effective at reducing muscular restriction associated with residual challenges after treatment subsides and highly effective in reducing pain and improved quality of life. 

Orthomed Breast Cancer Social Group:

With so many women working through similar challenges, we created a support group on Facebook for clients working through similar challenges.