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Are Our Kids Getting Injured

The best way to deal with a childhood sports injury is taking strategies to avoid them in the first place. Knowing these strategies can go a long way toward preventing injuries. Common reasons why our kids are getting injured by playing sports:

  • not training properly
  • not maintain flexibility
  • rapid growth during puberty

Types of Injuries

Back & Neck Injuries:

Head and neck injuries can occur often in athletes who perform in contact sports. Often we see our young patients, who have experiencing an impact injury while playing football, rugby, basketball, or a falling accident from events like, horse back riding and gymnastics. Neck injuries often include sprains, strains, and whiplash. We often see back injuries in our youth population commonly in contact sports like, football, ice hockey, weight lifting, rowing, lacross, figure skating and dancing.

Hand and Wrist Injuries:

Hands fingers and wrist injuries are common in sporting events where a fall has occurred.

Feet and Ankle Injuries:

Feet and ankles are particularly vulnerable in sports that involve a lot of running. Increased susceptibility of injury can occur where that youth has flat feet or high arches.

How to prevent Re-injury:

As you rest, and build back up your activity level to pre-injury, sports massage is incredibly helpful to help maximize healing and recovery. Your clinical massage therapist can treat structural imbalances and repetitive motor patterns that may influence performance and re-injury.